What to wear?

Think gym with sex appeal!!
A light tank top or t-shirt and short shorts are ideal
Track pants, tights and/or leg warmers for warm up, cool down and stretch classes
For the classes with more pole work you will want your legs bare so that your skin can grip the pole
Your favourite dance heels!
We have a range of styles of dance and work out gear for sale at the studio

What to bring?

An open mind
A small cloth to clean the pole
For the Pole Fitness and Dance Conditioning Classes please bring a towel
A water bottle to fill with free filtered water
A yoga mat for stretch classes
Grip aids (we have plenty at the studio for sale as well)

What NOT to bring

Please don’t wear any lotion or moisturisers to pole class – It gets slippery!

Shoes vs no shoes

This is really a personal choice and comes down to the wishes of each individual
For Pole: Warm-ups and your first class barefoot is fine, after that, heels or boots are great! The best shoes for pole dance allow you to pivot freely on the ball of the foot, and have plastic, leather or pvc on top which allows for more grip. We recommend that beginners wear something which covers the top of the foot to help to give you that bit of extra grip while still building up the upper body strength.
For Burlesque: Students are encouraged to bring a small pair of heels

Do I need to be fit & strong before I start classes?

No you do not!! Our classes are designed to suit all ages and levels of fitness with something for everyone. Most people have very little or no strength or fitness when they first come to us and we work everyone at their own pace. It’s about allowing us to help you find the perfect level and style of training for you. 
We will help you get there!!

Am I too old/old enough?

Our classes cater to students of all ages and are adapted to suit the students needs
We do not currently offer group classes for children so private lessons are recommended
Students under 18yo must have their medical form signed by a parent or guardian
Students under 15yo must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times

What kind of poles do you have?

We have 9 poles – 7 x 44mm static steel and 2 x 40mm spin/static brass

Is it only for women?

Classes at Play Pole Studios are not limited to any gender unless stated otherwise
The rule for guys is that if you want to be in the class room, you have to dance

What if I have an injury or medical condition?

This does not necessarily mean that you cannot dance/train. It does mean that you must tell your Instructor so that we can modify the movements to suit you
We also highly recommend that you get advice from a health professional

How much stripping is in a Striptease Workshop?

We practice with our sexy clothes over our workout clothes! In an all female environment we laugh freely and learn to sauce it up while having a great time! There is no nudity!

Can you teach me how to dance in the Exotic Dance Industry?

Yes we can! Some of our Instructors have lots of experience in the Exotic Dance Industry and can easily teach you the style of dance you need as well as tips and tricks for increasing your income and training while you perform!
Please note: Most Pole Play Studios classes are aimed at fitness and fun; they are not ‘stripper classes’. For girls in the industry, private lessons are recommended

What are the studio opening hours?

We are open whenever we have training sessions, classes or events running, or by appointment
Please note: Our Studio HQ is not always open during normal business hours

Can I watch a class first?

We recommend that you come and give it a go! We find that even the most cautious get into the swing after some instruction, and we can show you step by step what to do. If you REALLY want to come and see a bit of what you’re in for before trying a class then we allow women only to watch for 10 minutes max. Sorry boys, if you want to watch there are clubs in town for that!

Should I arrive early for my class?

It is good to aim to get there 10min early for your first class. This gives you some extra time to find us and fill out the medical form on arrival. After that you are welcome to arrive just before your class, though please be on time! And remember that real dancers start warming up as soon as possible! If you have an extra minute to stretch before class you will get even more out of it

How do I book a class?

You have options 🙂
1. Book online
This is great as it will give you everything you need including class descriptions and Instructor bios, what you need to bring and wear, send you email reminders and give you the option to review us after your class.
2. Contact us to check availability for any classes or courses you are interested in joining and drop payment into Pole Play Studios ANZ ACC 490984582 BSB 014681 with a note of your name on it to confirm or pay by Credit Card (subject to 3% surcharge)
3. Register
your interest in any casual class, workshop or private lesson by checking availability with us and pay on arrival. This runs the risk of the class either booking out with prepayments or occasionally being rescheduled if we do not have enough confirmed bookings to go ahead.

How early do I need to book?

The sooner you book the better!