Beginners Casual Pole

pole dancing classes cairns Pole Dance Foundations

For those with no prior pole experience, these classes get you started with the basics and give you a strong foundation. They also give you a chance to check it all out before you commit to a block of classes. This class teaches the basics of grip as well as some of the more fun stuff like spins and climbing! If you want to get started but can’t come to class at the same time every week then this is a great class for you!

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Pole Mermettes

A Class for Beginner- Intermediate Level Polers to Get Together

For those new to pole or who already have a bit of experience these classes cover a range of tricks and combos including Spins, Climbs, Sits, Transitions, Inversions and Conditioning Exercises. 
Moves are adjusted to suit the students levels.

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Pole Stars

cairns pole play studio Pole Tricks & Sequences for Intermediates & Up

Perfect if you can’t make it every week or just want to boost your pole fitness and skills, these classes will fast track your tricks and sequences and soon have you dancing like a star!


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Boost Your Bendiness!

This non-pole class combines yoga,  dance and circus stretching techniques that will have you feeling bendy in no time. Designed to increase whole body flexibility we focus on shoulder, hip, spinal and splits opening exercises which work brilliantly to compliment your dance!
Movements are adjusted to suit all levels of student ability

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Exotic Pole Flow


Inspired by Exotic Style we are excited to bring you this sexy pole class! 

A great workout and simple sequences. 
Learn to work the floor and train your base flow as you get super fit and flexible! Brilliant for getting in touch with your inner Sensual Goddess these classes are so much fun!
They will leave you feeling like you have worked out and got some hot new moves under your belt! 
All levels welcome. Moves are adjusted to suit the students present.

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Ultimate Pole

When You Just Can’t Get Enough!

For people serious about their pole, these 2hr classes are a seriously high level training session and focus on inversions and aerial tricks
Students must have prior high level training


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Casual Class Prices
Single Class  $25
5 Class Pass  $110
10 Class Pass $199
10 Class Pass $170 for students who are currently enrolled in one of our courses

Ultimate Pole Class Prices
Single Class $40
10 Master Class Pass $350

Booking Details
Places are held with payment
All prices include GST
Casual Class Passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used for all of the open level Casual Classes
Master Class Passes are valid for Ultimate Pole Classes only