Welcome to Pole Play Studios Cairns

Utilising integrated techniques including many styles of dance, yoga, circus, burlesque, pole and aerial hoop, classes at Pole Play Studios are designed to help you be the best you can be and leave you feeling confident, capable and proud.

All ages and levels of fitness are catered for with every dancer working at their own pace.

Pole classes are limited to 8 students to ensure that every dancer has their own pole.
Non-pole classes are limited to 13 students.

Course students receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of their course.

We have new classes and courses starting all the time. See all of the classes on offer here
If the dates or class styles listed do not suit you, please contact us for more options.

Note: Class Passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used for all of the 30minute to 1 hour Casual Classes

Pole Dance Casual Classes

Beginners Pole

cairns pole play studio Perfect for New Students or Those Who Wish to Build a Strong Foundation
These classes get you started by taking you step by step through the basics.They also give you a chance to check it all out before you commit to a block of classes.
This class teaches the basics of grip and well as some of the more fun stuff like spins and climbing! If you need a bit more a challenge our Instructors will happily give you extensions.
If you want to get started but can’t come to class at the same time every week then this is the class for you!

Open Level Casual Pole 


 cairns pole play studio Pole Dance Tricks and Sequences for All levels!
We warm up together, get the higher level students going with things which they are working on and back it up to the basics for the beginners.
Perfect if you can’t make it every week or just want to boost your pole fitness and skills, these classes work on dance flow, tricks, transitions and sequences and will super boost your skills in no time!

Exotic Pole Flow

Sexy Style Pole & Floor Dance  
A whole body workout which teaches sexy style sequences flowing around the base of the pole. Guaranteed to boost fitness fast and leave you with some HOT new moves under your belt! 
All levels welcome
Please wear knee pads and heels
They are available for purchase at the studio should you need them

Ultimate Pole

cairns pole play studio
When You Just Can’t Get Enough!
For people serious about their pole, these 2hr classes are a seriously high level training session and focus on inversions and aerial tricks. Students must have prior high level training.



Flexibility Casual Classes


cairns pole play studio Boost your Bendiness!Suitable for all levels this class is aimed at increasing your flexibility in all the best ways.

Utilizing a combination of yoga, circus and dance stretches designed to compliment your pole work.

Pole Dance Courses 8 Weeks

Beginners 1

cairns pole play studio


Learn Some Of The Simple, Fun and Easy Pole Tricks.

Start to loosen up the spine and hips.
Learn the Firefly, the Half-pint, the Pink Flamingo and a Routine! Start to get familiar, comfortable and confident with the pole. We practice a Pole Climb and Pole Sit and work towards getting upside-down!


Beginners 2

cairns pole play studio Take it to the next level!
Build on what you learned in Beginners 1
Work on more spins, Spiral Climbing and a Long Leg Back Hang!
A new Routine bound to get your booty moving!

Intermediate 1

cairns pole play studio Develop your Dancing Prowess!We focus on a more challenging workout and some trickier pole moves including the Front Hang! Practice Handstands, sideways spins, and more advanced Floor Work, as well as an exciting routine.

Mixed Intermediate

cairns pole play studio Intermediate Level Tricks and Sequences.

Intermediate 2

cairns pole play studio Take Your Pole Skills To The Next Level!Polish up the skills you’ve learned in our other courses. Work on more of the inversions and a faster paced routine.


High Intermediate

cairns pole play studio A Bridging Course To Polish Up All Intermediate Level Moves…and prepare you for Advanced!

Advanced 1

cairns pole play studio For Those Who Really Want To Fly!
This course is designed for those who really want to get airborne! Some prior pole experience is necessary. Learn an Advanced Level routine and focus on impressive tricks like Helicopters(choppers), Gemini/Angel Switches and Bluebirds. Guaranteed to wow any audience!


Advanced 2

cairns pole play studio High Level Advanced Training
Big tricks, Advanced sequences and a HOT routine!


Advanced 3

cairns pole play studio Polish Your Moves To Perfection!
String your moves together with supreme smoothness! We work on strength and flexibility training and learn some seriously impressive inverted sequences!


Advanced 4

cairns pole play studio High Level Tricks and Sequences
The only way is UP!! Aerial sequences and BIG tricks!



6 Week Courses


cairns pole play studio


Bump & Grind, Peel & Pose Your Way Through Our Sexy, Sensual & FUN Burly Q Classes.
Teaching a new routine each 6 Weeks, our Burlesque Classes can be attended week by week as a Casual Class or you can learn a whole routine by attending the whole course.
We touch on the history and the foundations of Burlesque through playful poses, shimmies and shakes, hip and chest isolation’s, glove peeling and Burlesque struts.
While learning technique and moves you will be guided through a choreographed group or solo routine (this will vary each course!) giving you the tools needed to develop body awareness and confidence, along with a cheeky and seductive Burlesque attitude.

Exotic Dance

cairns pole play studio


For dancers in the strip industry or simply to feel sexy!
Our exotic dance classes are taught by a professional with many years experience and can fast track you with the moves you need for the stage, the lap dance room, or the bedroom.Private Lessons 1 hour
Single Classes    4 Class Pass
1 student $90        1 student $320
2 students $160    2 students $380
3 students $180    3 students $550


Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio Pole Play Studios offers a variety of Workshops in many different styles of dance and fitness as well as opportunities to train with touring performers, athletes and celebrities.

Exotic Dance

cairns pole play studio
Learn Some Super Saucy Moves
Including practical things like how to choose the best costume, how to set your space and some secret tricks of the trade bound to make anyone yours! These routine based workshops will teach a sexy set which you can then adapt to make it your own!
Please note: These workshops are aimed at fun for home use. For those looking to go into the strip industry Private Lessons are recommended.

Burlesque Fan Dance

cairns pole play studio This Beginners Level Workshop Will Give You The Techniques Required to Create a Beautiful Performance.
Small practice fans will be provided though you are welcome to bring your own. Your hostess Sophia has been playing with Fan Dance for many years and performing professionally with them for the last 6. She will show you how to best hold them and move them with grace and ease, as well as teaching you tricks like framing, shimmys and the fine art of revealing at just the right moment! Then wrap it all into a gorgeous routine.

Private Lessons

cairns pole play studio For those who prefer a quieter class environment and some more personal attention, or maybe there are just some particular moves which you would really like to master! For guys and girls looking to start out in the exotic dance industry or if you’d like to work on some moves bound to make you stand out from the crowd! Our Private Lessons can be arranged at times/dates which suit you and tailored to your dancing desires.


Length: 1 hourSingle Classes:   4 Class Pass:
1 student $90        1 student $320
2 students $160    2 students $380
3 students $180    3 students $550

Skype Lessons

cairns pole play studio

Can’t make it to the studio? No problem!
All you need is access to the internet and you can have one of our highly skilled Instructors teach you wherever you are.
1 hour
Single Classes:     4 Class Pass:
1 student $80          1 student $280
2 students $100      2 students $360
3 students $120      3 students $400

Group Bookings

cairns pole play studioHave you got a group of friends who would like to see what it’s all about?!
We can schedule a private booking for you and your friends and arrange a time to suit you.

Pole Jam Practice Sessions

cairns pole play studioAn open practice session for students to come and work on the things you have been learning in class in a creative environment where dancers of all levels jam together. A great place to share with others ad dance to your own inspiration.
An instructor will be present to help with any particular queries you may have.
Free for students currently enrolled in our Courses 
PPS Students $10
Non-PPS Students $15

Booking Details

Bookings are held with a minimum $80 deposit
Deposits are non-refundable or transferable
Full payment is to made up ASAP, preferably before the first class
Easy Payment Plans are available for those who wish to arrange to make payments over time. This requires some paperwork to be completed at the office. Please speak to reception re payment options. Easy Payment plans are to be paid off in one or two lump sums and the final amount to be paid up by week 4 of the course at the latest.
Cancellations outside 7 days notice of the start date of the course incur a $30 administration fee
Cancellations inside 7 days incur a $50 administration fee
There will be no refunds or transfers for cancellations after the start date of the course

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Internet transfer
  • Direct deposit
  • Paypal
  • Eftpos
  • Credit card

Pole Play Studios ANZ Account 4909 84 582 BSB 014 681

Please make a note of your name when depositing money

Paypal: info@poleplaystudios.com.au

Pole Play offers a 10% discount to concession cardholders and single parents 🙂