cairns pole play studio For those who prefer a quieter class environment and some more personal attention, or maybe there are just some particular moves which you would really like to master.
For guys and girls looking to start out in the exotic dance industry or if you’d just like to us to boost your skills to help you stand out in the crowd.
Our Private Lessons are a great way to fast track your skills.
They can be booked for all of the class styles we offer including Pole, Burlesque, Flexibility, Exotic Dance, Floor Dance, Lap Dance, Twerk, Conditioning, Choreography and Performance Piece Development or any combination of your choice! In person or online.

Single Class       
1 student $90        
2 students $160 – $80pp    
3 students $210 – $70pp    
4 students $240 – $60pp

4 Class Pass
1 student $320 – $80 each class
2 students $380 – $47.50pp each class
3 students $480 – $40pp each class
4 students $560 – $35pp each class

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