Beginners 1 Pole Dance

cairns pole dance classes

Start to Get Familiar, Comfortable and Confident With The Pole

Learn the Beginners Basic Grip, correct body alignment and muscle engagement while practicing Beginners Level Spins and Combos including Seashells, Ballerinas, Dolly, Fireflies and more! This entry level course is perfect for those new to pole or who are wishing to build a strong foundation. Pole Climbs, Sits, your First Inversion and an easy Routine!

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Beginners 2 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio

Build On What You Learned In Beginners 1

Spiral Climbs, more Spins and Combos and a Long Leg Back Hang! Boost your Strength, Extend your Routine and learn skills bound to get your booty moving! 

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Beginners 3 Pole Dance


Develop your Dancing Prowess!

We focus on a more challenging workout and some trickier pole moves including the Front Hang! Practice Handstands, sideways spins, and more advanced Floor Work, as well as an exciting routine.

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Intermediate 1 Pole Dance

pole dance lessons cairns

Intermediate Level Tricks and Sequences

Spinning combos, fluid transitions and divine dismounts.

Intermediate 2 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio

Take Your Skills To The Next Level!

Polish up the skills you’ve learned in our other courses. Work on more of the inversions and a faster paced routine.

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Intermediate 3 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio
Polish Up Your Intermediate Level Moves…
and prepare for Advanced!

Advanced 1 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio

For Those Who Really Want To Fly!

This course is designed for those who really want to get airborne! Some prior pole experience is necessary. Learn an Advanced Level routine and focus on impressive aerial tricks like Helicopters(Choppers), Gemini/Angel Switches and Bluebirds. Guaranteed to wow any audience! (Even if it’s just your cat!)

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Advanced 2 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio
High Level Advanced Training

Big tricks, aerial inversions, advanced sequences and a HOT routine!

Advanced 3 Pole Dance

cairns pole play studio

Polish Your Moves To Perfection!

String your moves together with supreme smoothness! We work on more strength and flexibility training and learn some seriously impressive aerial sequences!

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Advanced 4 Pole Dance


High Level Tricks and Sequences

The only way is UP!! Aerial sequences and BIG tricks!

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 Exotic Lap Dance


Unleash Your Inner Sex Goddess!
Learn a simple routine to help you feel sexy, boost confidence and learn some hot new moves! Then you have it up your sleeve in case you want to spoil a special someone! Taught by women who have worked as professional lap dancers! We can teach you tricks to make any lucky viewer yours!

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Burlesque Dance


Dive Into the Fun That Burlesque Has to Offer!

Learn Classic and Neo Burlesque dance moves, timeless tips and tricks of the trade, plenty of stunning ideas for costumes and much, much more! Then wrap it into a gorgeous routine!Suitable for all levels
Practice fans provided for fan dance classes
There will be performance opportunities for those who would like to grace the stage. This is not compulsory but so much fun!! ♥

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Short Courses
1 hour x 6 Weeks $160pp
Single Class $30pp *when there are spaces left after all full course bookings are taken

Pole Courses
1 hour x 8 Weeks $230pp
Single Class $30 *when there are spaces left after all full course bookings are taken

Booking & Payment Details

Our Pole Dance Courses are limited to 8 participants to ensure that you have a pole each
All prices include GST
Places are held with non-refundable or transferable deposits
Payments can be made into Pole Play Studios ANZ Account 490984582 BSB 014681
Please note your name with payments
We ask that the full payment be made up preferably at or before the first lesson
Easy Payment Plans are available on request