Are you planning to open your own dance studio? Or perhaps your studio is already running but you would like it to run even better!?
Would you like to chat with someone who has 15 years of the hands on experience you need?
We can give you advice on everything from studio design, fit out and maintenance to class design and schedules, staff recruitment, management and development, insurance, stock and merchandise, advertising and promotion, social media, production and events! We have the experience and tools to help your business thrive and help you ensure that you’re growing your studio from a strong foundation.
Available in person or by Skype

Who is it for?

We offer consultancy for

  • Studio Owners
  • Events
  • Event planners
  • Shows, theatrical and film productions
  • Professional development

Match with other services

Our consultancy service can be paired with our other services, such as

  • Training
  • Act creation
  • Event fulfilment
  • Audition preparation
  • Competition preparation
  • Pole and dance photography

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“I’ve had 2 hours of amazing inspiration on how to start, from small to hopefully bigger business eventually. Since this meeting is a conversation or dialogue I’ve also been able to respond and ask my own questions along the way. Fantastic! ALL the information is useful and I feel that you, Sophia, really listen and that you are experienced in what you do. You know because you’ve been there, you have had those problems, that type of customer etc. etc.” Jenny Baldemar 

Choreography and Piece Development

Would you like to put a show together?
Would you like help with the choreography, styling, stage mapping, storyline or theme?
Whether you’d like us to create a piece for you or you just need help fine tuning something you have already created – we can help!
Available in person or by Skype
Contact us to chat about options

Competition Training Programs

Do you like to challenge yourself and train hard?
Do you have a burning desire to take your dance skills as far as possible? We can show you how!
We have been entering pole competitions since 2008 and hold 30 Awards!
We won 1st place in the Group Division at the Australian Pole Championships in 2014 and 2015, 1st Place in the 2017 Elite Open Mixed Doubles Division German Pole Sports Championships, and 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal at the 2019 Australian Pole Sports Championships! 
Pole Play Owner Sophia Warren has done the IPSF Judges Training Course and judged numerous dance competitions including Miss Pole Dance Queensland and the Queensland Pole Championships.
And the Australian Pole Sports Federation was founded by our staff and students! 
We can help with everything from understanding the competition rules and judging criteria, planning and piece creation, training, choreography and development, choosing the best dance competitions for you, styling your pieces to suit, submitting applications and more.
We can create a Smart Training Program specifically designed for you to help you achieve your goals!
Available in person or by Skype, Zoom or Facetime.
Limited Pole Play Sponsorship Packages available which include unlimited studio access, Group Competition Training Sessions and Private Lessons with Sophia. 
Contact us to chat about creating the Perfect Program for you!