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It’s been a month now since I first walked through the Pole Play Doors. Sophia’s smile as she greeted me was like a breath of fresh air. From that very first moment she has been nothing short of amazing.
After having poled with other studios in the past, I have been blown away by the professionalism and ongoing support that Sophia and Pole Play provide.
As somewhat a ‘noob’ to the pole world, the level of detail and care that goes into teaching each new move so that good habits are formed from the get go is invaluable. And with world class instructors and students alike, inspiration at the studio is not hard to find.
Oh, and need I mention how much fun the classes are?
I look forward to continuing my pole journey at Pole Play and am excited to see how far it will take me!

Kat K

29 Marine Research Technician 


I just finished the last class of Beginners 1 & I really am amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short time. Apprehensive was one word that described my anxiety ridden self before starting with Sophia on day one, but I soon learnt that it was a positive, safe and nurturing environment.
I didn’t realise that the word “can’t” was such a big part of my vocabulary until Sophia’s guiding words put me back on track again & again. All the fears I had in the beginning don’t match how happy I am now to have stuck it out over the past 8 weeks.
Sophia is really patient and it’s great to work through things at a comfortable pace, it’s even greater when you finally get that move you’ve been dodgy at for a while! I am forever learning and getting better little by little and my confidence is growing too.
Thanks Sophia, you’re a doll! x
Bring on Beginners 2!

Rebecca Lee
23 Aged Carer


Love this place, always feel so welcome!!
Pole is always something I’ve wanted to do but was always too afraid. I’ve come so far since my first class and I’d just like to thank Sophia and all the girls for helping me achieve something!
Got a long way to go but I know I’ll get there with pole play 🙂 xx
Update: I’ve been going to pole just short of a year now and it’s something I will always love myself for doing… I took up pole as a way to deal with anxiety, I was diagnosed with anxiety early last year and I knew I needed to find hobbies to distract my mind. Starting in casuals classes and after climbing the pole in that first class, I was hooked! Almost a year on I have  become so much stronger, starting with next to no upper body strength and now being able to easily conquer some tough tricks. My posture has improved dramatically, learning and remembering all the cools tricks and becoming more flexible (still got a long way to go) As well as meeting so many beautiful people along the way 🙂 Among all of those things my biggest achievement is becoming more confident in my body and being able embrace the parts of my body that I’ve always hated but learnt to love… My anxiety is almost non existent (except for those stressful days at work) and I couldn’t be happier that I took up pole. Despite what people may think about pole dancing, I will always be one to preach that it is the best form of exercise and fun in the whole entire world!!

Bec Kinsman
23 Retail Assistant Manager

Thanks was great, I was well outside of my comfort zone I think it showed, the girls were so lovely and non judgemental I would recommend to others. I will be looking into start up. This class needs to be offered more

Renee Giddens

That was amazing, thank you. I’ve never been able to remember so many steps before, so the teaching was great! I hope to come back again. 🙂

Sharni Day

We had such a fantastic time and really enjoyed ourselves and all felt very comfortable and liberated afterwards! Thank you for such a great time


5 Stars! Definitely coming back!

Marine Dufraisse

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for a fun filled hens at Pole Play Studios. I would recommend you to anyone for a great Hen’s experience. It was professional, a great studio and the costumes really added to the atmosphere and also hilarious (as none of us had pole danced before) and we all had a ball.


Thank you so much for our Pole Party.. We had a lot of fun and the girls absolutely loved it! A couple of them later said to me it was the highlight of their weekend.


IMG_4285 IMG_4286

My experiences at PPS have been absolutely fantastic. I love the staff members and how each and every one of them are friendly, caring and motivational towards the participants. I am a 50 year old beauty therapist / Masseuse and began pole dancing as a creative and innovative way to build upper body strength. I have discovered that it is quite challenging however, I have noticed that  my level of fitness has increased significantly! Pole dancing has been very exciting and enjoyable which is great for someone my age and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for new ways to improve their overall fitness!

50歳でポールダンス?と 人は驚くであろう。


June Church
50 Massage and Beauty Therapist

I feel empowered by the fact that I started pole much later than most and that even though I have now clocked up 5 decades on this earth, I can still learn the odd new trick or two or make conquered moves look just that little bit better. Considering I don’t have a dancey or gymnastic or not even much of a sporty background when I was young, shows that with a bit of dedication and practice you WILL continue to achieve things you could mistakenly believe are too difficult.
Even at the beginner level, pole is like most other sports; you use and strengthen muscles you didn’t think you had whilst having fun with a whole bunch of other like-minded people.  It’s easy to feel a bit intimidated by the advanced levels but pole at any level is just a healthy, dancey and wonderfully creative thing to do.  And from my experience, thanks to Sophia being at the helm, your pole classes are in an environment that is VERY supportive and encouraging to anyone, at any age, and certainly of any body type.

Laurette Lubbers
50 Nurse

I had a really great time last night. Our teacher for the night was fantastic! Very patient and it didn’t matter how many times she had to show us the moves. It wasn’t just about spinning on the pole. Was taught technique and posture. Loved it!

Rachel McEachern

12714118_10153226540386058_1981125655_n 12696014_10153226386916058_266581939_n

I have been coming to Pole Play Studios on and off for the last 5 years, in between work, having babies and life in general. No matter how long my absence I am always welcomed back and nurtured by Sophia and her awesome team. It’s not just about pole dancing, it’s about getting fit, looking good, feeling great and feeling empowered- whoever you are. There are no ego’s here. It’s a clean, supportive space to be exactly who you want to be. Thanks Sophia and team for continually providing the challenges, support, encouragement and general awesomeness that you do!

Jo Savill
34 Mum, Business Owner & Paramedic

 I started my pole dancing classes at Pole Play Studios in April 2015. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me: instructors have always been patient, professional and made every class a fun and relaxing experience. There was always extra support for me when I was struggling to keep up, and despite being tired and uninspired after a day at work, I felt invigorated and full of enthusiasm at the end of each class. I do believe that pole dancing is a great way to stay fit and sexy, and will most definitely continue my classes. Thank you to all the instructors and fellow students at PPS for inspiring me to dance and stay fit!

Olga Dmitrieva
34 Administrator

Thank you so much for your amazing classes and inspiration 🙂 I’m so excited to progress and spend more time on the pole. You have set up an amazing studio and you’re a great teacher! (Sophia)

Georgia Aitken
20 Exercise Physiology Student



Absolutely LOVE this place. Highly recommended!!! The instructors are so good at catering to all levels!!

Jamie-lee Brundyn
21 Tattoo Artist






Thank you for having me. I was really impressed, you have a very strong team of girls at your studio…

Travis Scott
Pole Professional

I’ve lost 11kgs so far!!! I’m living proof pole fitness is a fantastic way to loose weight and have fun!!!

Chantell Panetta feeling skinny

Thank you Sophia :)) I just wanted to say, thank you for such a FANTASTIC class every Tues nite. 🙂 I really look forward to it each week with you.. Your such an awesome teacher & I love you to bits! xxxxx

Shannon Donohue
Mum and Dance and Fitness Instructor

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for a fun filled hens at Pole Play Studios. I would recommend you to anyone for a great Hen’s experience. It was professional, a great studio and the costumes really added to the atmosphere and also hilarious (as none of us had pole danced before) and we all had a ball.



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