We Have an Amazing Team of Highly Qualified Instructors
Founded in 2005 by Sophia Warren with many years of professional dance, burlesque, circus and performance experience we have grown to encompass a World Class Team of Amazing Athletes!
We have studied anatomy and physiology and many styles of dance, gymnastics, circus, calisthenics, animal flow, yoga and bodywork over many years, and we’re always building our knowledge to be able to teach you the best ways to dance!

All of Our Pole Instructors Meet the Industry Standard
Of having a minimum 2 year pole history – and most much more!

Because It’s Super Important to Start With a Safe and Strong Foundation
It’s surprisingly easy to hurt yourself with bad technique. When you start out with bad technique your tricks and skills are built on a shaky foundation. To avoid injuries in the long term it’s super important to train with correct technique and we can show you how. 

An Hour of Proper Training Can Replace Years of Trial and Error
We can fast track your skills with the many Training Keys we have learned over the years. It’s amazing how many pole and dance tricks will happen for you when you have the correct information.

Our Studio is Fully Air-conditioned 
So you can make the most of your training all year round

We Will Give You Exercises Which You Can Practice at Home
We will give you homework which is specific to your needs to help boost your fitness outside your class time 

Pole Play is a Super Supportive Sisterhood Filled With Great Fun People
And we will help you feel at home in no time! It’s a great place to meet new friends and become part of our awesome dance community.

We Are a Multi Award Winning Studio
We have won over 24 Awards including 1st Place at the Australian Pole Championships twice!
Two of our top athletes are currently ranked in 1st place world wide for Elite Pole Sports Doubles female/female teams!  

We Have Many Classes to Choose From
We have a wide range of classes available including Pole Flow, Pole Dance Technique, Flexibility, Exotic Dance, Lap Dance, Floor Dance, Burlesque, Fan Dance, Chair Dance and more!

Classes for All Levels
From first time beginners to elite and competition levels we have spent many years learning the best progressions to be able to give you the most appropriate moves for your needs

Class Prices Include FREE Access to Our Pole Jam Practice Sessions
So you can come in and use the space to work on things which you are learning in class, dance to your own inspiration and jam in with other students – for free! 

We Have a Private Purpose Built Studio
Our privacy is important to us so we built a beautiful air-conditioned space where we can dim the lights and really get into the groove!
We also have a whole wall of mirror, an Instructors podium so you can see clearly, a good clear wall for wall work, a rocking sound system, party lights and a disco ball!

We Have 9 Poles To Play With!
Static and spin, brass and steel, 40mm, 44.1mm and 45mm poles including 2 competition grade 45mm Brass Lupit Poles giving us the BEST Pole Rig for IPSF Competitions in Australia!

We Offer High Quality Free Filtered Water
We know how important it is to stay hydrated. Especially in the tropics!
So we provide free and delicious alkaline Zazen filtered water at the studio for you

We Love, Train and Teach All Styles of Pole!
Sporty, Sexy, Theatrical, Comedic, Acrobatic, Contemporary, we do it all!

We Understand That Different Bodies Are Capable of Different Things
And we can help design your training so that it works the best for you!

Some of Our Instructors Are Mums 
So we know what it’s like to juggle life and kids

We Have Secret Facebook Community Groups for Our Students
And smaller groups for individual classes or performance troupes
Where we can chat about costumes, new moves, social events and more!

We Have A Super Supportive Community
Of strong, fierce and friendly women (and a few men) We are often blown away by the amazing people we have on board and the level of support we have with each other. When life throws us curve balls, we know our PPS People have our back!

We Run Social Events For Our People
Whether it’s a free gymnastics class or a good old girls night out, Pole Play Pool Party or perhaps a ‘Puppies in the Park Play Date’…  as one of our students you will be invited to our social events! They’re a great way to make friends and catch up and chat on as much as you like!

We Provide Great Performance Opportunities
It’s not compulsory but it is so much fun!
There’s nothing like a show date to inspire you to train hard! And it’s great to be able to show your friends and family what you’ve been up to!
We run Staff & Student Showcases, both at our studio HQ and in venues around town such as the Center of Contemporary Arts. So you can see your friends and teachers in action! And choose to grace the stage if you desire.
Pole Play Studios Headmistress and Mama Mermaid Sophia has been performing and producing in theatres, cabarets, clubs, and festivals for over 20 years! and brings her wealth of experience to our productions.

We Offer Free Performance Assessments
When you are working on a performance piece for one of our shows we will support you with Free Performance Assessments which give you countless tips on how to make your act really pop!

We Have a Star Student Program
We are super proud of our students, especially the high achievers!
They don’t have to be the best dancers, it’s about their dedication and hard work and the things they achieve at their level. 

We Have Trained With a Growing Number of Famous Dancers
Including but not limited to…
Andrea Ryff, Pantera T Blacksmith, Jamilla Deville, Jenyne Butterfly, Remi Martin, Suzie Q, Toby J, Kirsty Sellars, Enchanted, Carlie Hunter, Zoraya Judd, Kristina Moskov, Imogen Kelly, Willow J, Marlo Fisken, Michelle Stanek, Michelle Natoli, Shaina Cruea, Josiah Grant, Sergia Louise Anderson, Natasha Wang, Kelly Yvonne, Oona Kivela, Felicity Logan, Evgeny Greshilov, Kira Noire, Head Over Heels, NICA, Circus Oz, Felix Cane, Fontaine Bradbury, Oona Kivela, Yvonne Smink, Daniel Rosen, Heidi Coker, Bendy Kate, Roxie Zeimann and many, many more!

We Have Helped Launch The Careers of Numerous Famous and Highly Successful People!
We have helped to kick start the careers of:
Eliza Hubber Pole Dance Instructor at Pole Divas Melbourne and Pole Competitor
Cynthia Xu Pole Dance Instructor, Multi Award Winning Pole Competitor
India Bohanna Owner of IndiPoleWear, Multi Award Winning Pole Competitor
Amy & Jude  Winners of the Group Division QLD and Australian Pole Championships 2014 and 2015! 1st Runner Up Paragon International Pole Championships 2015, Semi finalists International Pole Championships 2015 and 1st Runners Up in the Group Division QLD and Australian Pole Championships 2016! In 2018 they were ranked in 3rd place World Wide for Elite Pole Sports Doubles! They have now  the huge task of launching the Australian Pole Sports Federation.
Sandra Schmidt (AKA Phoenyx Fireheart) – Pole, Flexibility, Exotic Dance, Animal Flow and Aerial Hoop Instructor. Personal and Group Trainer. One of our top Performers. Brand Amabassador for JustLiveBrand
Juzzy Heather Owner of Downward Dawg Yoga Matts

The Sky Really Is the Limit!
We can assist you in taking your dance in whichever direction you choose!
If you’d just like to dance for a bit of fun and fitness or if you’d like to build a career in the industry – we can show you how!

We Offer Top Quality Competition Training
If you dream of competing then we can help!
We have been training competitors since 2006 and have placed in every competition we have ever entered!

Created By a Full Time Professional Dancer & Performing Artist
Pole Play Studios Boss Lady Sophia Warren has been performing for decades and has built our studio with deep knowledge of dancers needs.
Sophia has judged many dance and Pin Up competitions including Miss Pole Dance QLD and the Queensland Pole Championships so she knows what is needed if you choose take your dance to great heights!

We Offer Specialty Workshops
We do much more than just pole!
We also offer workshops with touring dance celebrities and world famous performers, as well as specialty workshops in things like handstands and acrobalance, core engagement, floor flow and much more!

Contact us if you’d like to chat about Why You Should Choose Us