Contemporary Dance

tumblr_nke51qsSv11u04ukro1_500 Contemporary Dance is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel.
Contemporary draws a lot of its technique from classical ballet but unlike ballet, contemporary often focuses on floor work and dancers will usually perform with bare feet.These workshops will introduce you to basic contemporary movement. Starting with a warm up the workshop will then flow through different combinations and techniques both in the center of the room and across the floor. The workshop will culminate with a short routine that will allow you to express yourself through movement. This is a great opportunity to explore this exciting form of dance for all levels.
Length: 1.5hours  Single Class: $35

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Exotic Dance

cairns pole play studio
Learn Some Super Saucy Moves including practical things like how to choose the best costume, how to set your space and some secret tricks of the trade bound to make anyone yours!

These routine based workshops will teach a sexy set which you can then adapt to make it your own!

Please note: These workshops are aimed at fun for home use. For those looking to go into the strip industry Private Lessons are recommended.

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Animal Flow Intensives

Animal Flow is a ground based movement style focusing on multi planar, quadrupedal elements. 
It will help you
* Increase coordination
* Boost mobility
* Build strength
* Work on your endurance and power 
Plus it’s super easy to integrate in your current fitness regime and loads of fun!
Suitable for any fitness level 

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 Handstands & Acrobalance

cairns pole play studio

Handstands are the No.1 most important skill in Gymnastics and form the basis of all those amazing tricks you see at the Olympics. Developing a strong handstand posture is key to any inverted pole trick. By improving your handstand, inverted tricks will not only be easier to perform but they will look more solid, balanced and graceful.

These workshops cater to all levels and cover such things as:
Handstand drills and strengthening
Hints and tricks to improve handstand posture including the spaghetti theory
Shoulder joint locking to improve balance, control and posture
Getting into and out of a handstand safely and gracefully
Plenty of exercises that you can practice at home
And for the more advanced:
Pressing into and out of handstand
Leg variations

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Burlesque Fan Dance

cairns pole play studio These workshops will give you the techniques required to create a beautiful performance.

Small practice fans will be provided though you are welcome to bring your own. Your hostess Sophia has been playing with Fan Dance for many years and performing professionally with them for the last 7. She will show you how to best hold them and move them with grace and ease, as well as teaching you tricks like framing, shimmies and the fine art of revealing at just the right moment! Then wrap it all into a gorgeous routine.

Length: 1.5hours  Single Class: $40

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