handstand workshop cairnsHandstands are the no.1 most important skill in Gymnastics and form the basis of all those amazing tricks you see at the Olympics. In pole dancing handstands are not just a great way to move into and out of certain moves. Developing a strong handstand posture is key to any inverted pole trick. By improving your handstand, inverted tricks will not only be easier to perform but they will look more solid, balanced and graceful.

These workshops will cater to all levels and cover such things as:

  • Handstand drills and strengthening
  • Hints and tricks to improve handstand posture including the spaghetti theory
  • Shoulder joint locking to improve balance, control and posture
  • Getting into and out of a handstand safely and gracefully
  • Plenty of exercises that you can practice at home
  • And for the more advanced:
  • Pressing into and out of handstand
  • Leg variations
  • Turning

Taught by the Amazing Amy!!

Date: Wednesday 27th November 2013
Level: Open – you don’t need to be able to do a handstand to attend this workshop.
Time: 5:30-7pm
Cost: $35pp

Bookings/inquiries 0406 692 877 info@poleplaystudios.com.au